Joking is fun lol
i love the 90's!
rotflol? yes plz
Do u remember Snick? lol
JK Lolling is my fave auth

10 Websites That Will Make You Spin Your Head And Say "Holy Fuck That Must've Taken A Lot Of Work For Such A Weird Joke"


posted on Mar. 14, 2016, at 1:03 p.m.
Mark Vigeant Staff

1. The Normal-ist Of Them All

2. Big Data Big Data MongoDB

3. The Small Business Champion

4. For Text Lovers ONLY

5. Geocities Lol! Nostalgia!

6. Change You Can Believe In...

7. Sign Up For the Experience of a Lifetime

8. Make the Internet Funny Again

9. NSFW: Only for the Sexiest Audiences

10. RT if u ❤ Phonebooks